Pyramids FC Ready to Make History, Says Club CEO Mamdouh Eid

Pyramids FC CEO, Mamdouh Eid, has expressed his optimism about the team’s ongoing preparations in Turkey for the forthcoming season. He drew attention to the upbeat atmosphere permeating the camp, with all involved expressing satisfaction with both the location and its top-tier facilities, which are conducive to maintaining focus and optimising training output.

“There’s a real sense of unity and camaraderie within the team, and that’s crucial as we gear up for the season. Combine this with the arrival of fresh talent and our meticulous season planning, and it’s clear we’re moving in the right direction,” Eid noted.

Eid further explained that Pyramids FC has the depth of two fully prepared squads ready to kick off the new season, with each player performing at their best and ready to start when called upon.

“We concluded the last season in a strong position, and we’re aiming to start the new one even stronger. Our goal is clear – to triumph in all competitions. As our training camp ends, complete with friendly matches for match practice, we’ll be in pole position to launch into the new season and our African Champions League journey come mid-September,” Eid added.

Eid emphasised the importance of entering the new season with a combination of confidence and humility, and a shared ambition of winning all competitions the team enters, with a particular emphasis on the league and the African Champions League.

In conclusion, Eid said, “We’re approaching this season with humble confidence, ready to carve our name in football history. Everyone at Pyramids FC, from grassroots to senior officials, is committed to our mission. We’ll protect the rights of all our members, regardless of the circumstances. The club’s administration stands behind each individual, providing unwavering support to achieve our ultimate aim: winning championships, elevating Egyptian football, and adding more accolades to Egypt’s continental championship record.”