Pyramids FC: Our Journey in Amputee Football

In 2021, we tformed Egypt’s first amputee football team, laying the groundwork for what is now the national amputee football squad. Today, 11 of our players represent us proudly on the national team, each one wearing our Pyramids FC jersey.

It was a momentous day on June 23, 2021, when we announced the formation of our amputee team, marking a significant step toward inclusivity in sport. By March 11, 2023, we were participants in the inaugural Amputee Football League, sanctioned by the Egyptian Paralympic Committee. This event brought joy to many fans of football with special needs.

Our team showed their skill and determination in the first Amputee Football League, winning the Premier League trophy. This achievement not only highlighted our role in advancing the sport but also secured our place in its history.

Our team comprises strong players. Saif Mohammed and Islam Mahgoub serve as our trusted goalkeepers. Ibrahim Qotb, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Ahmed Hamdi form our solid defence. Zaher Mohamed, Mostafa Mahmoud, Yasser El-Beshly, Ibrahim Badawi, and Mohamed Saleh make up our midfield. Fares Mohamed and Mohamed Wael lead our offence, while our direction and strategy are guided by coach Rostom Rostom and manager Ayman Ismail.

Here at Pyramids FC, we are committed to breaking down barriers and demonstrating the power of determination and passion. Our achievements are a testament to the unwavering commitment of athletes facing adversity, proving that in football, there truly are no limits.