The statements of our leader, Abdullah Al-Saeed, after ascending to the quarter-finals of the Confederation Championship

Statements by Abdullah Al-Saeed / team leader

Abdullah Al-Saeed announced, saying:

I am very happy with the victory over Future and the guarantee of the family to the quarter-finals of the Confederation Cup. Pyramids always play to win all championships, and therefore it was necessary to present ourselves in the best possible way in that confrontation and prove our eligibility to win and qualify.

We do not worry too much about the competition that the quarter-final draw will sign against Pyramids in the next stage. The champion team and the championship seekers should not look at potential competitors and should prepare in the best possible way and be ready to face any other competitor on the way to the title.

The team has two important matches ahead of it, the first against the Arab Contractors in the league after a few days, and then a more difficult confrontation against Al-Ahly in the Egyptian Cup final and a close tournament, and we must focus on it in order to win and achieve the first title. “