Ahmed Sami Pleased with Pyramids’ Victory and Top Spot in the League

Pyramids defender Ahmed Sami expressed his joy over the team’s victory against Future, securing a 1-0 win and claiming the top spot in the league standings. He emphasized the team’s tremendous effort, successfully earning valuable points. Sami acknowledged the talent of Future FC’s players, which made the victory even more significant as it aligns with Pyramids’ ultimate goal.

Sami highlighted that it is premature to talk about leading the league, given that the tournament is still in the early stages. The team approaches every match with a winning mindset, regardless of whether it is a domestic or continental game, he added. Their primary objective this season is to clinch the championship, and any win is vital towards achieving this goal, Sami said.

He emphasised that Pyramids deserved to win and demonstrated great determination, excelling in every aspect of the game. They earned a fitting reward for their efforts with an own goal, securing the three points.