Our coach Jaime Pacheco’s remarks before facing Future

Portuguese Jamie Pacheco, coach of the Pyramids club, said during the press conference The confrontation that brings us together with Future is one of the most important matches of the season, especially since the winner reserves his seat directly without any other accounts. All players are fully prepared and ready to compete in the match, achieve victory, and settle the qualification ticket. We know everything about Future, and it is indeed a strong team and a stubborn competitor, and it has a great group of players, and the confrontations between the two teams are always difficult, but everyone inside Pyramids knows the importance of the meeting and the necessity of winning, and the team has one goal, which is to collect the three points and settle the ticket to qualify for the next round. Since I assumed the task, we played only one match with full rank of players, but throughout the last period there were several injuries, the last of which was Fakhruddin and Fakhry, and before that, the absence of Karti, Al-Shaibi, Ramadan, and others for long periods, and of course injuries and absences affect performance, and playing a match every 3 days In many tournaments, including travel abroad, it negatively affects performance and players, but everyone is currently ready for that difficult confrontation. “