Pyramids FC Board Congratulates Zamalek Club on Advancing to the Egypt Cup Finals

Pyramids FC’s Board of Directors extends its heartiest congratulations to the Zamalek Club for their remarkable victory in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, securing their spot in the finals of this historic championship in Egyptian football. The club also expresses gratitude towards Pyramids FC players for their formidable efforts throughout the match. Despite the loss, their dedication and commitment were commendable. However, the refereeing was a disappointing aspect of the game. Pyramids FC’s official statement reads as follows: “On behalf of Pyramids FC’s Board of Directors, along with all our staff, we extend sincere congratulations to the Zamalek Club, its Board of Directors, players, and fans on this win and advancement to the final round of the Egypt Cup. The Board of Directors would like to express our profound appreciation for our team. Despite playing a challenging match with only ten players, they made exceptional efforts. . While we have no intention to undermine the victory achieved by Zamalek Club, we must express our concern with the questionable and seemingly unfounded refereeing decisions against Pyramids FC during the match, including the issuing of yellow and red cards. The absence of fairness and integrity can lead to a detrimental impact on the sport, and we believe the refereeing decisions in the semi-final match of the Egypt Cup were, regrettably, a clear example of this.”