December 8, 2023

Pyramids FC Players Vow to Fulfill Club’s Goals Following Meeting with President

Pyramids FC players have been infused with high spirits after a meeting with club president Mamdouh Eid, the delegation’s head in South Africa. The gathering took place hours before their crucial encounter against Sundowns in the group stage of the African Champions League. Pyramids FC will be paying a visit to Sundowns at Pretoria’s Loftus Versfeld Stadium on Sunday at 3:00 PM, marking the third round of the Champions League group stage. During the meeting, the club president stressed the importance of the players’ dedication and unwavering commitment to achieving the club’s objectives. He encouraged them to make their voices heard in the match against Sundowns and all other teams in the group, ensuring Pyramids FC maintains its rightful position. Confident in the abilities of his players, the president expressed his belief that they possess the strength to overcome the formidable South African team. He highlighted the club management’s recognition of the current squad’s quality and cohesiveness, firmly believing that their capabilities surpass those of the other teams in the group. The ultimate aim is to secure Pyramids FC’s deserved status across all levels of competition. Simultaneously, the president reminded the players of the importance of showing respect towards their opponents and all competitors, particularly as Pyramids FC has set ambitious targets in all the tournaments it partakes in. Following the meeting with Eid, Pyramids FC players demonstrated their determination by reciting the opening chapter of the Quran (Al-Fatiha) and pledged to achieve all of the club’s goals. They expressed their unwavering resolve, stating that any attempts to hinder the team, such as preventing their top scorer and one of the continent’s premier strikers, Fiston Mayele, from joining the delegation in South Africa, only serve to strengthen their determination to respond with unwavering vigor on the field come Sunday. The players emphasized their unity, solidifying their commitment as a cohesive unit.

Pyramids FC Goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy Returns to Cairo Amid Illness Ahead of Sundowns Match.

Pyramids FC’s management in South Africa has made the decision for goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy to depart from Pretoria and head back to Cairo, ruling him out of the team’s upcoming match against Sundowns in the African Champions League. Hani Said, the sports director, disclosed that Ekramy has been battling a severe cold and a high fever since the team’s arrival in Pretoria, hindering his participation in training sessions over the past few days. Medical tests conducted by the team’s medical staff to check for malaria yielded negative results. Nevertheless, in light of the challenges Ekramy would face in Sunday’s match and to facilitate his speedy recovery, the delegation has chosen to send him back to Cairo. This decision takes into account the team’s busy schedule, with multiple domestic and continental obligations throughout the current month. Pyramids FC is set to visit Mamelodi Sundowns at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria on Sunday at 3:00 PM. The match marks the third round of the group stage in the prestigious Champions League competition.

Pacheco Expects Competitive Match as Pyramids FC Meets Sundowns

Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, currently managing Pyramids FC, has acknowledged the challenge his team will face in their upcoming match against Mamelodi Sundowns. The clash, scheduled for Sunday at Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria, marks the third round of the group stage in the CAF Champions League. Speaking at a press conference ahead of the game, Pacheco highlighted the formidable status of Sundowns, hailing them as one of Africa’s premier clubs. Having recently secured the African League championship, Sundowns boasts exceptional players, a proficient coaching staff, and remarkable capabilities. Pacheco stressed the difficulty of the forthcoming encounter and expressed Pyramids’ determination to secure victory and three crucial points, propelling them further in the competition. Pacheco emphasized extensive preparation, thoroughly analyzing the opposition and rallying his players to give their best on the training ground. The coach expressed confidence in his team’s ability to overcome the challenge posed by Sundowns and reiterated their focus on claiming a positive result in Pretoria. He asserted that Pyramids has overcome any lingering effects from their previous match against Nouadhibou in Mauritania, redirecting their attention towards a successful outcome against Sundowns and progressing in the tournament. Addressing the absence of key striker Fiston Mayele, who was unable to obtain a visa to enter South Africa, Pacheco voiced disappointment in the situation. He highlighted the efforts made by Pyramids’ management to resolve the visa issue, underlying the need for clear regulations governing players’ access to permits and visas, independent of personal discretion. Pacheco humorously suggested that the official responsible for preventing Mayele’s travel might be a Sundowns supporter. Pacheco acknowledged Mayele’s significance within the team, describing him as a leading contender for the coveted title of the continent’s best player in the past year. His absence will undoubtedly be felt, but Pacheco expressed faith in his squad’s ability to compensate for the numerous absences they have faced recently. Reflecting on the team’s recent loss to Nouadhibou, Pacheco maintained that the result did not accurately reflect Pyramids’ performance and control during the game. Despite statistical dominance and the opponent capitalizing on two mistakes, the team faced challenges due to the poor pitch conditions. Pacheco emphasized the team’s current focus on achieving a positive result in South Africa and bouncing back from the recent setback. Pacheco highlighted the rapid rise of Pyramids FC in Egyptian football, positioning themselves as formidable competitors alongside giants like Al Ahly and Zamalek, despite the club’s relatively short existence of fewer than five years. Acknowledging the unwavering support and resources provided by the club’s management, Pacheco commended their sustainable development plan, which has propelled Pyramids to become one of the continent’s most prominent clubs. Currently, Pyramids holds the second position in the fiercely competitive Egyptian League for the past two seasons, with aspirations to progress further in the Champions League and secure future successes.

Fagrie Lakay Talks Tactics Ahead of Crucial African Champions League Clash

South African striker Fagrie Lakay of Pyramids FC has discussed the upcoming challenge his team faces in the African Champions League. The match, set against Sundowns, will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria. Speaking in a press conference, Lakay recognised the difficult task ahead in the third round of the group stage. He stressed that both teams are equally motivated for the win, with each having strong competitive capabilities. The results of the second round, he said, will further fuel their drive to secure the coveted three points. Despite Pyramids FC’s recent loss to Nouadhibou, Lakay remains optimistic. “The situation in the group is still equal. All four teams have the same score, so the opportunity is there to recover and advance,” he stated. Lakay is clear about the team’s goal: to return to Cairo with a positive result against one of Africa’s current top teams. Lakay also highlighted the talent within his own ranks. He believes that Pyramids can earn a win in Pretoria, thanks to the team’s skilled and experienced players. The South African striker expressed his pleasure at returning to his home country for the match, playing before friends and familiar opponents. He is hopeful of a successful outing, aiming to score and guide Pyramids to victory. Avoiding a loss, he said, is crucial for the team’s journey towards the quarterfinals. Lakay praised his time with Pyramids FC, describing his move to the club as one of the most important steps in his football career. He relishes the challenge of playing in the Egyptian league and the opportunity to play for one of Africa’s most important clubs in the Champions League. However, Lakay also expressed his confusion over his recent continuous exclusion from the South African national team’s selections. Despite his consistent performances and goals for Pyramids, he said he respects the coaching staff’s decisions. His focus remains on his development as a player and his aspiration to score more in all tournaments. Looking ahead, Lakay hopes to support his national team in the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations finals in Côte d’Ivoire.