December 24, 2023

El-Shennawy Discusses Injury Setback Before Pyramids FC’s Super Cup Quest

Pyramids FC’s goalkeeper, Ahmed El-Shennawy, has shared that the squad is in Abu Dhabi with their sights set on the Egyptian Super Cup trophy. He emphasized the importance of the team’s focus on their opening match against Future FC, highlighting the necessity of a victory to set the tone for the rest of the tournament. In a press conference, El-Shennawy mentioned that the technical team, after discussions with the club’s management, decided to include all players for the tournament, injured members included, to foster unity in Abu Dhabi. The entire squad is present in the UAE, united with the goal of first triumphing over Future FC before shifting focus to the remaining matches. El-Shennawy also provided details about his condition, revealing a minor rib fracture that has put him on a rigorous rehabilitation schedule. He expressed his aspiration to recover in time, hoping to join his team in a potential final and contribute to winning the championship.

Pacheco Sets Sights on Super Cup Win for Pyramids FC

Pyramids FC’s coach Jaime Pacheco praised the Abu Dhabi Sports Council for the excellent organization of the Egyptian Super Cup. He was pleased with the reception his team received in the UAE. In a press conference, Pacheco pointed out that the Super Cup is a short tournament with Egypt’s best four teams. Pyramids FC is focused on winning, starting with their first game against Future FC. The team aims to play high-quality football and make it to the final. According to Pacheco, the few games in the tournament mean a trophy could be won quickly. He respects Future FC as a strong team but believes in Pyramids FC’s chances. The team has come to Abu Dhabi to win the first match and then concentrate on winning the title. Pacheco noted that Pyramids FC has played well in all their games but hasn’t always gotten the best results. The team has made it to the finals in both the Egypt Cup and the Egyptian Super Cup and now wants to win the title. He expects the referees to uphold the reputation of Egyptian football in the UAE, as all four teams aim to perform at their best. The coach acknowledged the challenge of injuries, with key players like Ahmed El-Shennawy and Islam Issa out. However, he has faith in the available players to win the first game and focus on the final. Despite a season of playing without a full squad, Pacheco believes Pyramids FC has a good plan and the confidence to win the Super Cup. Finally, Pacheco mentioned that despite a demanding schedule, with games every three days, Pyramids FC has only lost one Champions League match. The team’s goal is to win every game they play.

Pyramids FC Prepares for Super Cup Semi-Final; Pacheco and El-Shennawy Inspect Venue

Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco and goalkeeper Ahmed El-Shennawy of Pyramids FC took time to inspect the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium at Al Jazira Club ahead of their crucial Egyptian Super Cup semi-final clash with Future FC in Abu Dhabi tomorrow. Pyramids are set to battle Future FC at 3 PM on Monday, at the prestigious Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, as part of the revamped Egyptian Super Cup. In preparation for the highly anticipated match, Pyramids will conduct their final training session on the pitch. This session will be followed by a press conference featuring both the technical director, Pacheco, and the team’s goalkeeper, El-Shennawy.

Hany Said: Pyramids FC Committed to Clinching Super Cup

Pyramids FC’s Sporting Director Hany Said is reveling in the team’s presence in the UAE for the Egyptian Super Cup, commending the exceptional reception and hospitality from UAE officials and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council. He noted the meticulous attention to the team’s needs, ensuring all logistical aspects of their stay were smoothly arranged. Said conveyed that the team feels at home in the UAE, attributing this to the unwavering support from the local community and the enthusiasm for Pyramids FC to succeed. He highlighted the sense of duty the team feels to live up to the high expectations set for them in the competition. The players, Said remarked, have united in their resolve to win the Super Cup, keen not to disappoint their loyal fans. While their ultimate goal is to secure the championship, their immediate focus is on the crucial opening match against Future FC. Acknowledging Future FC’s strength, Said affirmed that Pyramids FC is intensely focused on victory in this pivotal match.