March 1, 2024

Jurcic Discusses Facing Nouadhibou in the African Champions League

Krunoslav Jurcic, the Croatian coach of Pyramids FC, stated that the match against Mauritanian side Nouadhibou in the sixth round of the African Champions League group stage is crucial for both him and his team, irrespective of any external factors. He emphasized that there are no weak or insignificant games, asserting that every match carries equal significance. He further mentioned during the press conference that as a coach, his objective, along with that of the players, is to secure a victory. This aim is not just about concluding the team’s Champions League campaign on a high note, but also about instilling a mindset in his players where winning is the only option in all matches and across all competitions, regardless of the circumstances or the opposition. Jurcic highlighted the physical strength and quality of the Nouadhibou squad, acknowledging that they have nothing to lose, which sets the stage for a highly competitive match. He expressed a strong desire to win and foster a consistent winning mentality among everyone. Additionally, he pointed out the importance of preparing meticulously for two crucial league games following the Nouadhibou match, with the aim of maintaining their title challenge in the domestic league.

Technical Meeting Details Finalized for Pyramids FC vs. Nouadhibou Clash

In anticipation of the eagerly awaited match between Pyramids FC and Nouadhibou, a crucial technical meeting took place today at one of New Cairo’s premier hotels, setting the stage for their encounter in the African Champions League. The Mauritanian team, Nouadhibou, is set to challenge Pyramids this Saturday at 3 PM, at the prestigious Air Defense Stadium. This match marks the conclusion of the group stage rounds in the African Champions League, promising an electrifying atmosphere. Key decisions were made during this technical assembly, notably regarding team kits. Pyramids will don their iconic blue and white primary jerseys, with their goalkeeper to be outfitted in all green. On the other hand, Nouadhibou will take to the field in full orange, contrasting with their goalkeeper’s blue and orange attire. Representing Pyramids, the meeting saw the presence of influential figures including Major General Hisham Zeid, Match Director; Sherif Gamal, Public Relations Manager; Atef Shady, Media Center Manager; and Ahmed Samir, Operations Management Director. This assembly underscores the meticulous preparations and the high stakes involved in this upcoming Champions League spectacle.