Pyramids FC Welcomes ADQ Investments in Egypt

The Board of Directors of Pyramids FC welcomed the steps announced at last Friday’s joint press conference with ADQ. The conference highlighted ADQ’s commitment to the largest investment of its kind in Egypt, focusing on developing the Ras Al Hikma area. Pyramids FC also commends ADQ’s broader commitment to strategic investments across various sectors in Egypt. Pyramids FC takes pride in being the largest Emirati sports investment in Egyptian football. The club gratefully acknowledges the unwavering support received from its owners, which has been crucial for its establishment, growth, and ongoing success. For the past five seasons, the club has consistently positioned itself among the top three contenders for both the Egyptian League and Cup titles. In December 2023, Pyramids FC signed a sponsorship agreement with ADQ, becoming the fund’s official sports partner within Egypt. This collaboration aligns with ADQ’s long-term investment strategy in the country and complements their initiatives that positively impact Egyptian society. Pyramids FC expresses immense pride in its partnership with ADQ, which aims to support youth development programs in football. The collaboration seeks to provide aspiring Egyptian athletes with the necessary resources, expertise, and opportunities needed to advance in professional sports, ultimately enriching the Egyptian sports scene.