Statement from Pyramids FC Management

Following recent events and media reports circulating within the Egyptian sports community concerning the assault by Al Ahly player Hussein El Shahat on our Moroccan international player Mohamed Chibi after the July 23rd, 2023, match between our teams in the Egyptian Premier League, Pyramids FC wishes to make the following clear: First: Pyramids FC stands in full support of our Moroccan international player, Mohamed Chibi. We will not hesitate to provide him with all necessary assistance and support, both locally and internationally. Mohamed has consistently demonstrated excellent character, commitment, and utmost respect for regulations and laws, both within Egypt and abroad. He serves as a true role model for foreign professional players in Egypt. Second: Pyramids FC holds the Egyptian judiciary in the highest regard. We fully respect the Egyptian Public Prosecution Office as the custodian of the criminal case and the constitutionally mandated authority to initiate and prosecute criminal proceedings. The Egyptian Public Prosecution Office acting within its constitutional role by prosecuting player Hussein El Shahat and setting a hearing date for April 18th, 2024, before the Nasr City Misdemeanors Court, in no way constitutes a violation of the laws and regulations governing sports in Egypt. Third: It is a serious error and completely wrong to suggest that the Egyptian Public Prosecution Office’s fulfillment of its constitutional duty violates the regulations of the Egyptian Football Association or FIFA. The various sports bodies, federations, and their internal judicial committees have authority only over disciplinary matters governed by disciplinary law and contractual matters subject to civil law. Criminal matters, however, fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the local criminal authorities.