Pyramids FC’s Ali Gabr Injury Update

Dr. Mostafa El Munayeri, the head of the medical team at Pyramids FC, has revealed that Ali Gabr, the team’s defender and captain, has undergone medical tests under the supervision of one of the best doctors in Munich, Germany, to follow up on the injury that the player has been suffering from and which has kept him out of matches for the past period. El Munayeri explained that after the examination with the German doctor, it was confirmed that Ali Jabr is suffering from a muscle injury in the lower abdomen, in addition to a tear in the adductor muscle. This requires him to stay in Munich for 10 days, during which he will undergo further examinations, rehabilitation, and injections before returning to Cairo. El Munayeri stressed that the attending physician has developed a rehabilitation program for Ali Gabr after returning from Germany, lasting one month, which will be fully implemented in the UAE, in preparation for his return to team training and matches in the coming period.