Al Shamsi Visits Pyramids FC in Abu Dhabi Ahead of Super Cup

His Excellency Salem Saeed Al Shamsi extended his support to Pyramids FC during his visit to the team’s delegation in Abu Dhabi, as they prepare for the highly anticipated Egyptian Super Cup match against Future FC next Monday.

Accompanied by club CEO Mamdouh Eid, His Excellency engaged with the players, technical team, and administrative staff, urging them to strive for victory in the upcoming Super Cup and to start harvesting the trophies their performance merits.

His Excellency commended the leadership of Engineer Eid for steering Pyramids FC towards its rightful place among the echelons of elite football clubs in Egypt, Africa, and the Arab world.

Al Shamsi highlighted the importance of overcoming the recent setback in the Champions League match against Sundowns and using it as a foundation for future success.

“We have witnessed Pyramids FC’s emergence as a formidable force in football and now is the time to commemorate our achievements with titles,” said Al Shamsi.

Reflecting on the club’s popularity, His Excellency emphasized the affection that the youth in the UAE hold for Pyramids FC and the collective anticipation of celebrating a victory with the Super Cup.

Despite facing injuries, he conveyed his confidence in the team’s depth and determination.

Al Shamsi emphasized that exciting plans for the club’s future are underway and will be announced in partnership with President Eid.

In his interactions, His Excellency mentioned his personal following of the players’ endeavors on and off the field through social media, expressing pride in their dedication to the club’s legacy.

He concluded by acknowledging Pyramids FC’s roster as among the finest in Egypt and across the continent, signaling bright prospects for the club’s future.