Gedo Envisions Transformation in Youth Football Through Pyramids FC-Benfica Collaboration

Unveiling a promising vision for the future of youth football, Assistant Coach of Pyramids FC, Captain Mohamed Nagy Gedo, shared his perspective on the transformative potential of the partnership between Egyptian club Pyramids FC and Portugal’s SL Benfica. Speaking at a press conference held at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski in Cairo today, Gedo accentuated how this collaboration could redefine the landscape of youth development in Egyptian football.

“The partnership between Pyramids FC and Benfica will undoubtedly have a profound impact over the coming years, leading to substantial advancements in our youth sector,” Gedo stated. He emphasised the crucial importance of the youth stage in a football player’s career, noting that physical and nutritional foundations laid at this stage are pivotal.

Gedo further elaborated, “A coach in the youth sector plays a vital role in moulding a player’s tactical and technical abilities. There are certain skills and understandings that are best ingrained at a young age, which become harder to teach as players mature. The move by Pyramids FC to scientifically develop talent will make a significant contribution in the coming years.”