Hani Said Discusses Refereeing Performance in the Ceramica Match

Captain Hani Said, the sporting director of Pyramids FC, expressed his happiness with the team’s seventh consecutive victory, which came today at the expense of Ceramica Cleopatra in the Premier League, and their continued lead in the championship.

He emphasized the difficulty of the match and the challenge of facing a strong team within a very short time frame.

Pyramids secured a valuable 2-1 victory over Ceramica, with both goals scored by Fiston Mayele in the match held at Air Defense Stadium in the 23rd round of the league.

Said stressed that the team could have achieved a bigger win if not for missed opportunities by the players.

He admitted he hasn’t spoken to the media recently but felt compelled to address the extremely poor performance of the match’s refereeing team and the questionable decisions that went against Pyramids.

He believes that without the referee’s subpar performance, Pyramids would have won by a larger margin.

The sporting director criticized the referees’ committee for appointing officials below the match’s standard, disregarding Pyramids’ position at the top of the league and the game’s importance.

These referees denied Pyramids an early red card for an opposing player and a clear penalty in the second half, potentially costing them a more significant victory.

Said called on the Football Association to reconsider the appointment of referees for Pyramids’ league matches.

He insisted that if the committee wants to experiment with new referees, they should not do so in matches involving title contenders like Pyramids, as the mistakes are unacceptable.

He emphasized the need for international referees in their upcoming fixtures.