Injury Update: Three Key Pyramids FC Players Out Ahead of Premier League Match Against Ceramica Cleopatra

Pyramids FC, will be heading into their Premier League encounter against Ceramica Cleopatra with an incomplete squad, as three integral players are set to miss the encounter due to injuries, confirmed Dr. Mostafa El-Monayeri, the club’s Head of Medical. Fagri Lakay, the club’s South African forward, is grappling with a thigh muscle strain. The medical team is overseeing his recovery, which includes an extensive rehabilitation programme over the coming days, ensuring his absence in the forthcoming game. Mohamed Chibi, the Moroccan player known for his finesse, is also on the sidelines. Chibi suffered a minor knock in training and has been ruled out of the Ceramica Cleopatra game in order to prevent further strain amidst a demanding fixture schedule. The club’s medical staff has put him on a tailored rehabilitation programme aiming for a swift return. Meanwhile, midfielder Mohannad Lashin is out with a back muscle strain. He is also under a recovery programme, preparing him for future battles on the pitch. As the sixth round of the Premier League championship approaches, the absence of these key players at the Green Mountain Stadium will certainly test Pyramids FC’s depth. However, the club remains steadfast, ready to tackle the challenge head-on and maintain their momentum in the league.