Jurčić Highlights Pyramids’ Gains from Victory Over Future FC

Croatian coach Krunoslav Jurčić, the head coach of Pyramids FC, expressed his immense satisfaction with the victory achieved against Modern Future FC in the league, securing three valuable points.

He emphasized that the match was extremely difficult, and the opposing team was strong.

Despite missing several opportunities in the match, the team succeeded in scoring two goals and could have achieved a larger margin of victory.

Pyramids achieved a valuable 2-1 win over Modern Future FC at the Air Defense Stadium in the 21st round of the league championship.

The coach added that the match was extremely difficult, and the players deserve praise for their performance, high spirit, and comeback from a one-goal deficit to a two-goal victory.

They did not give up at any moment and played strongly until the last second.

He was pleased that the team did not abandon their playing style despite the pressure of needing a win, playing with the same natural approach.

He expressed his happiness and pride in these players and their fighting spirit.

Jurčić stressed that there was a tactical change after Chibi’s suspension, with Karim Hafez playing in the right-back position in this match.

The player fulfilled what was required of him and delivered an excellent performance, along with all the players, even those who did not participate.

The coach emphasized the journey is still long.

The focus is solely on the next match against Al Masry because it is important to play each match with the sole aim of winning.