Jurčić Prepares Pyramids FC for Victory Against Mazembe in African Champions League Clash

Krunoslav Jurčić, the Croatian coach of Pyramids FC, conveyed his in-depth understanding of Mazembe’s prowess ahead of their encounter on Saturday at Mazembe Stadium in Lubumbashi, Congo, during the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage.

He detailed his thorough preparation, including the analysis of numerous Mazembe games to grasp their strengths fully.

Despite recognizing the challenges, Jurčić is confident in his team’s quality, capabilities, and experience to secure a win in this pivotal match.

In a press conference held at Mazembe Stadium, Jurčić highlighted the formidable task of facing Mazembe on their home ground, supported by their fans.

He emphasized the significance of a victory for Pyramids FC and his trust in his players to do their utmost to achieve this and bolster their qualification prospects for the next Champions League round.

Jurčić noted the challenges of taking the helm of Pyramids FC just 10 days before a critical Champions League match against a robust team like Mazembe.

Despite these hurdles, he has already led the team in two Egyptian league matches, gaining valuable insights into his players’ quality and building strong mutual trust.

He affirmed Pyramids FC’s commitment to seeking victory, building on their previous win over Mazembe in Cairo and aiming to repeat that success in Congo.

The team is thoroughly prepared for the match, with Jurčić leveraging his experience in similar high-pressure situations to focus exclusively on winning and securing the essential three points.