Jurčić Talks About the Victory Over El Gouna

The Croatian coach of the Pyramids FC team, Krunoslav Jurčić, expressed his happiness with the victory achieved against El Gouna with a score of one-nil, marking their ninth consecutive win in the league.

He emphasized that the match’s performance should be discussed given the conditions under which it was played.

Pyramids FC secured a one-nil victory over El Gouna in a match held at the Air Defense Stadium as part of the 25th round of the league, extending their lead at the top of the table with 53 points.

The coach stated that the match took place in the afternoon under high temperatures, which greatly affected the performance of both teams’ players.

Therefore, the outcome was natural and acceptable, and the victory is extremely important in their league campaign.

The coach explained that absences are normal, with only Ali Gabr being away from the field and needing time to return, as well as the suspension of Ramadan Sobhi.

He expressed great confidence in the players and their ability to compensate for the absences, noting that everyone who participates gives their utmost effort on the field.

He added that Ramadan Sobhi is a very important player for Pyramids FC and for Egyptian football. Currently, he is performing exceptionally well with the team and is at the peak of his form.

His suspension is very strange, and according to FIFA regulations, how can a player be suspended without any proven guilt? The matter needs clarification, and he is confident in Ramadan’s position and that he will overcome this issue smoothly and return quickly to support the team.