Pacheco Sets Sights on Continued Success as Pyramids FC Prepares for Ceramica Match Backed by Strong Management Task Force

Jaime Pacheco, the Portuguese technical director of Pyramids FC, attributed the team’s strength and competitive edge in all tournaments to the unwavering support from the club’s management, led by the club’s president Mamdouh Eid. Pacheco praised Eid’s constant presence and motivational spirit, which have provided significant support to both the team and the technical staff. Pacheco highlighted the unity within the club, from its management to its junior members, in pursuing their shared goal: winning all tournaments this season and maintaining Pyramids FC’s position among the top clubs in Egypt and Africa.

Pacheco consistently reminds Pyramids players of the importance of giving their all in every game, with victory being the only acceptable outcome. “We have a crucial league match against Ceramica Cleopatra that we must win in order to maintain our championship lead. ” Then, in the Egypt Cup semi-finals, we will face a strong team, Zamalek. “Our goal is to win the league, beat Zamalek in the Cup, and win more championships in the near future,” Pacheco stated. beat Zamalek in the Cup, and win more championships in the near future,” Pacheco stated. He acknowledged that the administration’s support for the players and technical staff has greatly impacted the team’s current season performance.

The pre-season camp in Turkey was instrumental in preparing the team despite multiple injuries among key players. However, Pacheco confirmed that the team remains ready and eager to perform at their best.

Emphasizing the unity within the club, Pacheco stated, “Everyone inside Pyramids FC works within one family and shares one goal: to always lead and win all championships. With each game, our team proves that we are moving closer to our goal.”

Pacheco expressed pride in his team, which boasts a mix of star players, experienced veterans, and young talent. He lauded the administration’s success in assembling a team with diverse, complementary strengths. Despite missing key players like Ibrahim Adel, Mohamed Reda Bobo, and Islam Eissa due to injuries, Pacheco remains optimistic about their recovery and return to the team.

Pacheco concluded by noting the depth of the team, with two players available for each position. This depth, he explained, allows the team to play each game with the intensity of a cup match, aiming for victory after victory. Their ultimate goal is to avoid losing any match and to compete in all championships.