Pyramids FC Determined for Victory in Champions League Clash Against Sundowns, Says Captain El Said

Abdullah El Said, the captain of Pyramids FC, has made it clear that the team must beat Mamelodi Sundowns in their next African Champions League match to progress in the tournament.

He stresses that winning is crucial for moving into the next round. El Said reflected on the team’s strong performance in South Africa, where they almost won, and is confident of a victory at home in Cairo.

“We were close last time; now we have to win,” he said. At a press conference, El Said commended his team’s previous strategic success against Sundowns and noted the importance of a home victory to keep their knockout stage hopes alive.

Even with key players like Ramadan Sobhi and Ahmed El Shenawy out with injuries, along with Islam Issa and Ibrahim Adel, El Said is optimistic about the team’s strength and determination.

“We know what we need to do, and we’re all focused on getting the win,” El Said stated. “We want to finish at the top of our group and move on to the next round.”

Pyramids FC is preparing for a crucial game that will significantly impact their chances in the renowned international tournament.