Pyramids FC’s Approach to the Challenging Conditions and Artificial Turf Against Mazembe

Dr. Abdel Rahman Said, the nutritionist for Pyramids FC, has outlined a detailed dietary program designed to help the team adapt to the artificial turf at Mazembe Stadium.

This comes as Pyramids prepares for a critical match against Mazembe in the African Champions League.

This Saturday, Pyramids FC will take on Mazembe at their home stadium in Lubumbashi for the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage.

The club’s nutritionist highlighted the program’s focus on fluid and electrolyte intake, which is crucial due to the “tartan” artificial turf’s tendency to increase shoe temperatures significantly, risking player dehydration.

The program aims to manage water loss effectively, with the additional hope that match day temperatures and humidity levels will not exacerbate the challenges posed by the synthetic surface.

The hydration plan mandates that players consume between six to eight liters of water daily, prioritizing intake during training and matches to compensate for the increased dehydration risk associated with artificial turf.

This regimen is complemented by rehydration solutions, protein supplements, and caffeine-containing beverages, all within the bounds of doping guidelines.

On match day, the dietary strategy includes easily digestible carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, while limiting high-fat food consumption.

Players also receive adequate portions of chicken and fish. Adherence to each player’s customized dietary program is strictly enforced to ensure optimal performance.