Pyramids FC’s Fiston Mayele Vows Victory in Upcoming Clash with Mazembe

Fiston Mayele, the Congolese international striker for Pyramids FC, emphasized the team’s determination to secure a victory against Mazembe during a press conference prior to their upcoming match.

Fully aware of the challenges posed by facing Mazembe on their home ground and in front of their fans, Mayele, originating from Mazembe’s stronghold of Lubumbashi and having competed against them numerous times, remains confident.

Despite Mazembe’s formidable presence, he underscored Pyramids FC’s commitment to playing solely for wins and acquiring three points, reflective of the team’s prominence on the continental stage.

Pyramids FC is scheduled to confront Mazembe in Lubumbashi at the Mazembe Stadium this Saturday, as part of the fifth round of the African Champions League group stage.

Mayele, acknowledging his professional dedication, vowed to spare no effort in achieving victory over Mazembe in their stadium, supported by Pyramids FC’s elite squad.

The goal is to secure the three points, significantly propelling their campaign for qualification to the next round of the competition.

He further mentioned that Pyramids FC could replicate their previous win over Mazembe in Cairo, highlighting the critical 90 minutes ahead that could bring them closer to progressing in the tournament.