Pyramids FC’s Pacheco Unsatisfied with Goalless Draw in Pretoria

Pyramids FC’s Portuguese manager, Jaime Pacheco, has voiced his disappointment over the team’s recent goalless draw with Mamelodi Sundowns in a post-match press conference.

Despite the team’s strong performance in Pretoria, South Africa, Pacheco believes that Pyramids deserved more than a draw, citing missed opportunities from quick counter-attacks that could have tipped the scales in their favor.

Pacheco gave credit to the players for their exceptional effort throughout the match, particularly noting their superiority at many points in the game.

He also highlighted tactical shifts, such as the defensive strategy employed in the first half to block Sundowns’ advances, and the second-half offensive enhancements with Abdullah El-Said and Mostafa Fathi on the pitch, which led to the creation of numerous chances.

Looking ahead, Pacheco emphasized the importance of moving past the Pretoria result to focus on the critical league match against El-Mahalla and the upcoming fourth-round game against Sundowns in Cairo.

Victories in the upcoming matches are crucial for Pyramids FC’s aspirations to reach the quarter-finals.

The manager praised his technical staff for effectively conveying the game plan and pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of Sundowns, while asserting that his players executed the strategy well enough to deserve a win.