Steadfast Progress and Promising Partnerships: Nuno Gomes Speaks on Pyramids FC and SL Benfica Alliance”

Nuno Gomes, Portuguese football icon and former SL Benfica player, has hailed the ongoing progress and successful trajectory of Egypt’s Pyramids FC. He voiced his optimism and satisfaction with the evolving partnership between the two football entities at a press conference today held at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Cairo.

Gomes, speaking to reporters, praised the steady strides Pyramids FC has been making towards becoming a powerhouse in football, particularly lauding their work in the youth sector. “Pyramids FC is moving steadily forward, a progress we’ve noticed especially within their youth development. They are showing constant growth, year after year,” he commented. “This, coupled with Benfica’s extensive experience with nurturing young talent, has us believing in the fruitful cooperation that is certain to bring significant returns in the coming years.”

The former Benfica forward went on to express the shared aspiration of both clubs to further advance their youth sectors, hoping to uncover and shape the football stars of the future. “Through this partnership, we aim to showcase dozens of exceptional talents in the coming years,” Gomes added.

The Portuguese legend took the opportunity to convey his regards to Mamdouh Eid, the president of Pyramids FC. “I am delighted to cooperate with Mamdouh Eid. Under his leadership, the club is on a steady path to continued success. I wish him and Pyramids FC all the best for the future. I am confident that our collaboration will yield great benefits for both Egyptian and African football in the years to come.”

He concluded by expressing his pleasure at the involvement of a Portuguese training staff, led by his friend Jaime Pacheco, at the helm of Pyramids FC. “Their presence is a great asset for the club, and I am excited to see what they will bring. I wish them all the success and hope they will lead Pyramids FC to many championships, and ensure the club maintains its top-tier status.”

The press conference marked the unveiling of the latest developments in the partnership between Pyramids FC and SL Benfica, highlighting the strong bond that continues to grow between these two football clubs.