June 6, 2023

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Pyramids announces its continued investment in Egyptian football

The Pyramids Club’s board of directors announced the continuation of its investments in Egypt after the club’s management came out in a previous statement to withdraw its assets from Egypt after the end of the current season. And the statement stated that the management of the Pyramids Club has recently witnessed a development in Egyptian football, and an improvement in achieving justice, so Pyramids investments in Egyptian football will continue during the upcoming season. The text of the Pyramids statement came as follows:After following up on things in Egyptian football during the recent period, we saw an improvement. We saw a trend toward achieving justice and a focus on improving conditions in the future. The Pyramids Club Board of Directors decided to continue its investments in Egyptian football during the next season, hoping for further improvement, while working sincerely and with full force to represent Egyptian football in the best possible way locally and continually, in order to raise and develop it at all levels.

Mamdouh Eid: Next year is the year of dreams.

Mamdouh Eid, Executive Director of Pyramids, stressed that his ambition for the next season is to win all possible titles. Eid said through the Pyramids Media Center: “Things have developed clearly within the team, and the current group of players has shown their closeness, and it is the best group I have dealt with, and everyone feels that the team is one family.” And he continued, “The club’s journey began only 4 years ago, and it was like a dream, and now it is close to becoming a reality, and next year will be the year of achieving dreams because I trust the players and I see that they can appear better in the coming period and win all the championships that the team competes for.” He added, “I ask every player to do his best every second for the benefit of the club, and I promise them to implement everything that I can implement, and I will work to create the appropriate conditions and the needs of the team.” He concluded, “The next season will be critical, and we have dreams ahead of us, the most important of which is winning the Premier League title, the Egyptian Cup, the African Champions League, qualifying to participate in the Club World Cup, and achieving the best result in it, what he has to reach the club’s goals and plans.