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Pyramids FC Announces Line-Up for Premier League Match Against Al-Masry

Pyramids FC Announces Line-Up for Premier League Match Against Al-Masry In the latest updates from the Egyptian Premier League, Pyramids FC’s first team manager Jaime Pacheco has announced his team’s line-up for the upcoming match against Al-Masry. The match, part of the league’s fifth round of games, is set to take place at the Borg El Arab Stadium in Alexandria. Kick-off is at 4 pm local time this Friday, with Al-Masry playing as the away team against the hosts Pyramids FC. Here’s the official squad list: Goalkeepers: Ahmed El Shenawy, Sherif Ekramy, and Ahmed Mahgoub Defence: Mahmoud Marei, Ahmed Sami, Osama Galal, Mohamed Chibi, Mohammed Hamdi, Ahmed Fathi, and Karim Hafez Midfield: Mostafa Fathi, Ahmed Tawfik, Mohannad Lashin, Walid El Karti, Abdullah El Said, Seif Gaafar, Youssef Osama, and Mahmoud Oka Forwards: Fiston Mayele, Fagrie Lakay, and Dodo El-Gabbas Pacheco has planned for the team to travel to the Borg El Arab Stadium on Thursday morning for a closed training camp. The squad will then undergo their final preparations at the venue itself, leading up to the highly-antcipated encounter against Al-Masry Club.

Pyramids FC Coach Gedo Sets Out for AFC License, Club Shows Full Support

Pyramids FC Coach Gedo Sets Out for AFC License, Club Shows Full Support Pyramids FC’s Sporting Director, Hani Said, announced that the club’s coach, Mohamed Nagy ‘Gedo’, is embarking on a trip to the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of this journey is to acquire the coveted ‘B’ coaching license from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Said emphasised the club’s unwavering commitment to their coach during this pivotal time. Pyramids FC has facilitated all logistics associated with Gedo’s travel and has pledged to continue their support until he secures the highest level of coaching qualification, Said added. Moreover, Said highlighted the club’s broader policy of backing all its coaches. This includes streamlining their efforts to secure top-tier training licenses. Gedo’s trip is part of the club’s broader strategy aimed at enhancing the skills of all their coaching staff. Consequently, they are consistently updated with the latest and most effective training methodologies. Gedo, a significant figure in Egypt’s football history in recent years, is being primed by Pyramids FC for a substantial role in training operations in the forthcoming years. This move reaffirms the club’s commitment to nurturing home-grown talent and ensuring a robust future for the club’s coaching department.

Pyramids FC Stands in Solidarity with Gaza and Announces Support Initiatives

Pyramids FC has issued an official statement declaring its solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip in light of the attacks and inhumane conditions they are currently facing. The club is committed to standing in unity with them and expediting efforts to support them through various means. The statement reads as follows: Pyramids FC and its entire staff stand in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip during these challenging times. We stand shoulder to shoulder with them, amidst the severe and inhumane circumstances they are facing. The club strongly condemns the brutal attacks targeting Gaza residents, including innocent civilians in their homes, hospitals, mosques, and churches. We strongly call for an immediate cessation of hostilities to prevent further suffering. Pyramids FC announces the launch of several initiatives aimed at providing support and assistance to the people of Gaza, in collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent, Egyptian Food Bank, and Egyptian Clothing Bank.

Ahmed Sami Pleased with Pyramids’ Victory and Top Spot in the League

Pyramids defender Ahmed Sami expressed his joy over the team’s victory against Future, securing a 1-0 win and claiming the top spot in the league standings. He emphasized the team’s tremendous effort, successfully earning valuable points. Sami acknowledged the talent of Future FC’s players, which made the victory even more significant as it aligns with Pyramids’ ultimate goal. Sami highlighted that it is premature to talk about leading the league, given that the tournament is still in the early stages. The team approaches every match with a winning mindset, regardless of whether it is a domestic or continental game, he added. Their primary objective this season is to clinch the championship, and any win is vital towards achieving this goal, Sami said. He emphasised that Pyramids deserved to win and demonstrated great determination, excelling in every aspect of the game. They earned a fitting reward for their efforts with an own goal, securing the three points.

Fathallah Pleased as Pyramids FC Secure Well-Earned Victory and Claim Top Spot in League

Mahmoud Fathallah, the coach of Pyramids FC, expressed his satisfaction with the well-deserved victory achieved by his team over Future, securing a 1-0 win and propelling Pyramids to the top of the league standings. Fathallah acknowledged the fierce competition posed by Future, who had previously emerged victorious in all their matches. Fathallah commended the players of Pyramids for their exceptional performance and immense effort, not only in the recent match but also in previous encounters. Despite grappling with numerous injuries and significant squad shortages due to several absences, the players showcased their determination and delivered their best on the pitch, clinching the vital three points and ascending to the top spot in the Egyptian Premier League. Fathallah praised the players’ remarkable spirit during the game, highlighting their unwavering commitment to every ball and their superiority on the field. The team’s victory, sealed with an own goal, is a testament to their collective effort and unwavering fight demonstrated throughout the entire match.

Walid El Karti Clinches Best Player Award as Pyramids Seal Victory Over Future

Pyramids FC’s Walid El Karti was awarded the Best Player Award for his outstanding performance in the team’s thrilling match against Future. Pyramids won the game with a single goal, earning them a well-deserved three points and pushing them to the top of the league with an impressive 10 points. El Karti’s remarkable skills were on full display, as he played an instrumental role in leading the team to victory and securing the crucial three points. His exceptional display on the pitch highlighted his influence and prowess as a key player for Pyramids.

Weekly x-rays of Ibrahim Adel’s foot

Dr. Mustafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical staff at the Pyramids Club, revealed that the x-rays performed by Ibrahim Adel, the team’s striker and captain of the Olympic team, immediately after putting his foot in a cast, proved the condition of the fracture he sustained in his ankle during the Rwandan Army match in the African Champions League. Al-Muniri added that it was decided to put Ibrahim Adel’s foot in a plaster instead of performing ankle surgery, after a medical consulto worked with Professor Dr. Nassif Muhammad Nassif, a consultant in foot and ankle surgery, so that the player would be treated without surgical intervention. He pointed out that the treatment consists of immobilizing the fracture with the fibula for a period of 6 weeks, with weekly follow-up with x-rays to ensure the integrity of the fracture position on a regular basis.

Pyramids’ midfielder Islam Eissa continues rehabilitation in UAE

12 October – Pyramids FC’s midfielder, Islam Eissa, remains in the UAE where he is undergoing a rigorous training and rehabilitation program. Eissa has been unable to join the team since the end of last season, due to suffering from a severe foot injury. His stay in the UAE is aimed at regaining his fitness and getting back to the team as soon as possible. After wearing a cast for two months and performing some minor ankle strengthening exercises, recent X-rays confirmed that the fracture has healed. Eissa will continue his rehabilitation program in the UAE for several more weeks, after which he is expected to return and gradually reintegrate into the team’s training.

Pyramids set to resume training ahead of Future FC match

Pyramids FC manager Jaime Pacheco Jaime Pacheco, has announced that the team will resume training on Friday at the Air Defense Stadium, after a four-day break. This decision comes after the team’s recent victory over Enppi in the Premier League, where Congolese international Fiston Mayele scored the only goal. From Friday, the team will start preparing for their post-international break match against Future FC in the fourth round of the league championship. The match will take place on Sunday, October 22, at the Cairo International Stadium.

Four-day break for Pyramids FC players

Pyramids FC manager Jaime Pacheco has given the team a four-day break after winning the Premier League match against Enppi. The break comes amidst the ongoing international football break and follows the club’s significant 1-0 win in the third round of the Egyptian Premier League at the Air Defense Stadium. Fiston Mayele, the Congolese star player was the hero of the day, scoring the only goal of the match with an assist from defender Mohammed Hamdi in the first half.