Weekly x-rays of Ibrahim Adel’s foot

Dr. Mustafa Al-Muniri, head of the medical staff at the Pyramids Club, revealed that the x-rays performed by Ibrahim Adel, the team’s striker and captain of the Olympic team, immediately after putting his foot in a cast, proved the condition of the fracture he sustained in his ankle during the Rwandan Army match in the African Champions League. Al-Muniri added that it was decided to put Ibrahim Adel’s foot in a plaster instead of performing ankle surgery, after a medical consulto worked with Professor Dr. Nassif Muhammad Nassif, a consultant in foot and ankle surgery, so that the player would be treated without surgical intervention. He pointed out that the treatment consists of immobilizing the fracture with the fibula for a period of 6 weeks, with weekly follow-up with x-rays to ensure the integrity of the fracture position on a regular basis.