Hany Said: Pyramids FC Committed to Clinching Super Cup

Pyramids FC’s Sporting Director Hany Said is reveling in the team’s presence in the UAE for the Egyptian Super Cup, commending the exceptional reception and hospitality from UAE officials and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

He noted the meticulous attention to the team’s needs, ensuring all logistical aspects of their stay were smoothly arranged.

Said conveyed that the team feels at home in the UAE, attributing this to the unwavering support from the local community and the enthusiasm for Pyramids FC to succeed.

He highlighted the sense of duty the team feels to live up to the high expectations set for them in the competition. The players, Said remarked, have united in their resolve to win the Super Cup, keen not to disappoint their loyal fans.

While their ultimate goal is to secure the championship, their immediate focus is on the crucial opening match against Future FC.

Acknowledging Future FC’s strength, Said affirmed that Pyramids FC is intensely focused on victory in this pivotal match.